Saudi Arabia and Israel Sign Investment Agreements
Saudi Arabia and Israel Sign Investment Agreements

Saudi Arabia and Israel Sign Investment Agreements

30 may, 20222 minutes to read
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Ties between Israel and Saudi Arabia have been warming for years but have not yet been officialized. Both countries are interested in establishing partnership in economic sphere despite difference on some political matters.

Recently, Israeli media disclosed that Israeli businesspeople have, for months, been flying to Saudi Arabia on special entry visas at the invitation of Saudi entities. They travelled there to hold advanced talks on Saudi investments in Israeli companies and Israeli investment funds.

The interesting fact, is that the Israeli businesspeople who made these visits to entered Saudi Arabia on their Israeli passports containing special visas, as a sign of further rapprochement between the countries.

Israeli Politician Urges Government to Help Yandex Move to Tel Aviv
In a letter sent to the prime minister, Israeli Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman urges the government to help Russian tech giant Yandex transfer hundreds of its employees to Israel.

Following the visits, a number of agreements, both in the civilian and defense sectors, will be signed between Israelis and Saudis in European and other countries.

These agreements include a multi-million dollar deal in the agriculture tech sector and a second deal for an Israeli water tech solution - a high potential area of cooperation between the water scarce countries.

Saudi Banking Sector Embraces Digitalisation
The number of bank branches declined by 6 percent between 2017 and 2021. ATMs saw a ten percent drop over the same period.

The Saudis have also expressed interest in Israeli medical and health tech solutions.

This news comes weeks after it was disclosed that Saudi Arabia allocated millions of dollars in Jared Kushner's private equity firm for investments in Israeli tech companies. Kushner previously served as Donald Trump's senior advisor and is considered to be the architect of the Abraham Accords signed between Israel and a number of Arab countries in 2020.

30 may, 2022
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