What's in Store for the Next Telegram Update?
What's in Store for the Next Telegram Update?

What's in Store for the Next Telegram Update?

9 june, 20222 minutes to read
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With the latest beta version of the messenger, users got a lot of new features, some of which have been available for iOS for some time now. One of them is a paid subscription for Telegram Premium. Still, there are even more interesting updates to expect.

Firstly, new settings for auto-saving to the gallery and streaming of all types of video have been brought to the messenger settings.

  • The messenger settings now include a choice of chat categories, from which users can save media files automatically.
  • Streaming is now available for videos in all formats, including files with .mkv extension.

Secondly, sticker menu has been upgraded.

  • A more notable button to add a sticker pack has been installed.
  • When previewing stickers, the background is now blurred, with the context menu appearing below the sticker instead of at the bottom.
  • The menu with recent stickers can be cleared by tapping the cross in the right corner.
  • A «Stickers & Emoji» section has been added  to the settings.

Thirdly, verification checkbox is now visible in the chat window. Previously, the verification icon was visible only in the public chat list or the profile page, but now it can be also seen inside the chat window next to the title.

Moreover, users now have an ability to preview chats as they did in iOS client. Function of the preview of a chat has been significantly updated and now functionally repeats capabilities of the client for iOS.

By holding a finger on the avatar before opening a preview, users can release their finger and scroll up the dialogue, while it remains unread. Plus, while previewing, users can use a context menu with some functions.

Last but not least, the alternative icons for the application look on the desktop has been added.

In the chat settings, it is now possible to change the application icon that is displayed on the desktop. Two additional options to choose from have been added. Three more icons will be available for Premium users.

9 june, 2022
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